Partially closed the Pterocarpus Forest

On September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane María, a Category 4 storm that made landfall at Yabucoa, just 7 miles from the Pterocarpus Forest. Hundreds of trees were lost and the habitat for the many forest species of flora and fauna was devastated.  The 1.5-mile nature walk was severely damaged and hundreds of interpretive signs, essential to the Forest’s educational mission, were ruined or lost. Due to safety considerations, the interior of the Forest remains closed to visitors.

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Facilities Hours

The Forest Boardwalk, Observation Tower and Visitors’ Center / Gazebo are open to the public for self-guided tours from from 6am to 6pm every day except Christmas (December 25) and New Year’s (January 1).

Things to Do

• Explore the Forest on the Boardwalk and see the unique and diverse flora and fauna up close (bring binoculars if you have them!)
• Climb the 40-foot high Observation Tower
• Watch local and migratory birds who live in or visit the forest
• Photograph nature
• Picnic (in designated area at the Forest entrance only; no barbeque grills or fires of any kind are permitted)

NEW! Guided Group Tours

Guided walks (only in Spanish) along the ¾-mile Forest boardwalk and adjacent grounds with a certified interpretive guide are available for groups of ten (10) or more, by appointment.  The approximately 45-minute tours are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

To schedule a tour, please call (787) 285-6425 (or send a fax to 787-850-7298), or send us an e-mail:

The tours are free — but a tax-deductible donation in support of the Forest will be greatly appreciated.


Elevated Boardwalk

The ¾-mile (1.2 km) Boardwalk winds its way through the beautiful interior of the Forest allowing visitors to observe closely the large variety of mollusks, arthropods, crustaceans, insects, amphibians (including the renowned Puerto Rican coquí), lizards, fungi and birds for whom the Forest is home.  Admire the towering Pterocarpus, giant Caribbean Tree-Ferns, majestic Ceibas and other flora.   Colorful, easy to read interpretative signage — in Spanish and in English — can be found at the forest entrance and at numerous points along the boardwalk, to help visitors understand the nature and functions of the forest and identify the flora and fauna. Rest areas along the boardwalk allow for the visitor to enjoy the Forest’s immense tranquility and beauty.

Observation Tower

From the viewing platform of the 40-foot (12m) high wood tower, you’ll be able to observe the movements of endemic birds such as the Puerto Rican Hummingbird and the Puerto Rican Woodpecker, as well as migratory birds, and enjoy spectacular views of the forest canopy and the surrounding area.



Visitor’s Center

Adjoining the tower, a gazebo serves as the Forest’s Visitor Center. The open air facility has ample space for educational activities, meetings and pre-approved social gatherings. To use the center, please call the Forest office at (787) 285-6425 during normal business hours.



Picnic Area

First come, first served. Is available at the entrance to the Forest.

Facility Map and Restrooms

Are located near the Forest entrance.

Parking / Accessibility

There is free parking in a lot adjacent to the Forest entrance.  A concrete ramp provides access to the Forest entrance for wheelchairs and strollers.

How to Get to the Pterocarpus Forest



For an optimum visit to the Forest, please observe these rules:

The following are not allowed in the Forest or adjacent areas:

  • Smoking or Alcohol
  • Collection of natural resources, including but not limited to plants or animals of any kind.

The following are not allowed on the Boardwalk:

  • Food or drink (other than water)
  • Jogging
  • Biking, roller skating, or skateboarding
  • Radios or other loud noise

Dog Walking: Pets are permitted in the Pterocarpus Forest. However, pets must be attended at all times and on a leash, or otherwise safely restrained. Be considerate when walking your dog and carry a container to clean up after your pet. Also, please be considerate of the many organized groups of children and seniors that frequent the Forest.

And please, take what you bring into the Forest with you when you leave!

Silence is Golden

Please respect the nature of the space and enjoy it, quietly, and please limit cell phone use on the Boardwalk.

Group Visits

While not required, group visits should be arranged in advance. Please request a Group Visitation application by calling us at (787) 285-6425 (or send a fax to 787-850-7298), or send us an e-mail:

Volunteer Program

Over 100 volunteers dedicate time and energy to the Pterocarpus Forest in Palmas!  Are you Interested in joining us as a volunteer?  Please contact Friends’ Secretary Antonio Maldonado at (787) 285-6425 to receive an orientation and additional information.  


Educational Programs

The Friends of the Forest are working on the development of educational materials and content for our website and other social media to make a visit to the Forest more memorable and beneficial for visitors of all ages.   In addition, we will be developing a “Mentor’s Packet” for teachers and others for group leaders. 

Please check back with us here or on our Facebook page in mid-2017 for updated information on these new offerings!

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