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Preservation in perpetuity of this precious island ecosystem is guaranteed by a Conservation Easement agreed upon between Palmas del Mar Properties, Inc., in collaboration with the Palmas del Mar Homeowners’ Association, and the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust in January 2011.

As a result of the accord, several parcels within the resort and residential property were protected, including the 50.2-acre Pterocarpus Forest and an adjacent 5.25-acre “Forest Park” parcel.  The lands were designated in perpetuity as “green / open space areas”, guaranteeing that these areas will remain in their natural state forever, conserving natural resources and land for the enjoyment of visitors and the benefit of the flora and fauna.

Detailed descriptions of the geological and natural features of the areas covered by the Conservation Easement, including a preliminary inventory of the Forest’s flora and fauna, are available in the December 2010 Palmas del Mar Conservation Easement Supplemental Baseline Documentation Report (click here to access Report).

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