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Great progress has been achieved in the recovery of the Forest in the months since hurricane María’s passage.

The reforested area in the passive park portion of the Forest has been cleaned, and trees have been pruned and up-righted. We believe almost all of the trees endemic and native trees planted in this area six years ago will be saved.

Clean-up of the debris in the other areas of the passive park portion of the Forest, around the gazebo and observation tower has been completed. We are now working on “finishing touches”, including the re-installation of the aeration pump at the small lake.

As to the Boardwalk, the good news is that we will only need to replace about 25 percent of the original boardwalk. In this regard, we’ve begun to take steps to obtain the materials needed to restore the boardwalk while clearing a 20-foot path alongside the walkway to facilitate reconstruction.

Unfortunately, the interior of the Forest remains closed to visitors due to safety considerations.

Here are some photographs of the Forest today and photos following Hurricane María for comparison.




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