The Forest

The Pterocarpus Forest, a unique 51-acre Pterocarpus swamp forest nature preserve, opened to the public in March 2013.  This is one of the largest remaining swamp forests in Puerto Rico and serves as habitat to 44 species of flora and 52 species of fauna, of which 13 are considered endemic. Read more.


The Pterocarpus Forest project has its roots in the conservation goals of the Palmas del Mar Homeowners’ Association (PHA).  The Association has long been an advocate for conservation and maintenance of its more than 200 acres (809,000m2) of green areas, including beaches and lakes. Learn more.


PHA Pterocarpus Forest, Inc., also known as the Friends of the Forest, raises funds for the preservation of the Pterocarpus Forest, educational programming and other Forest projects that benefit the public. Read more.

Palmas Del Mar / P.R. Conservation Trust Conservation Easement

A Conservation Easement between Palmas del Mar Properties, Inc., in collaboration with the Palmas del Mar Homeowners’ Association, and the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust guarantees preservation in perpetuity of this precious island ecosystem.  The agreement was signed in January 2011. Read more.

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